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Not knowing where else to gather, the following remarks about Linley's Dungeon Crawl have come to rest here. The good, bad, and ugly all find their place below. Whether fair assessments or not, each records something of note about the nature of Crawl.


Crawl was the first real change in the world of Roguelikes in a long time — people had been talking about new algorithms to do the same old thing. Linley is a genius for actually doing a new thing, and worrying about the algorithms later.
- William Tanksley (maintainer, Omega), r.g.r.m., 12 February 2002


Dungeon Crawl seems to be top pick amongst people who don't play one of the normal roguelikes.
- David Damerell, r.g.r.m., 27 September 2001

I have just discover[ed] Dungeon Crawl this week and am having the time of my life.
- Mike Williams, r.g.r.m., 26 September 2001

Linley's Dungeon Crawl is no longer updated, but a fun trip.
- Dave 'Fargo' Kosak, GameSpyDaily, 5 January 2001


[Download] and play Linley's Dungeon Crawl, and get yourself thrown into the Abyss. You'll see how much fun it is to be clueless.
- Benjamin Lagow (maintainer, KHAOS: The Shattered Worlds), r.g.r.m., 26 February 1999

Crawl development goes so quickly that I'm always trying new versions without ever sitting down and trying to squash the bugs.
- Mark Howson (fmr. maintainer, KAngband) r.g.r.m., 4 January 1999


I think I'll hold off playing [Crawl] until it hits at least version 9. Maybe half of the bugs will be gone by then... It could have been good if not for the constant bug fixes and releases.
- Stuart George (co-editor, Y.A.R.N.S.), r.g.r.m., 30 March 1998

I've just completed Dungeon Crawl [...] and found it a fairly good game, even if I completed it rather easier and quicker than Rogue [...] and Angband.
- Neil Pilgrim, r.g.r.m., 2 January 1998

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